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Howitec Netting envisions a clear mission and vision: working with and for our customers on durable net solutions. With a net or mesh from our assortment you are therefore ensured of excellent quality, durability and firmness. A net with which you keep intruders out, score in every goal and can safely store your goods. A customised net for all types of applications.

Howitec Netting has been active for many years and therefore has been delivering nets and meshes for every application for a long time. Small and large nets, thick or thin nets, but also striking colours and the possibility of sponsoring is managed by Howitec Netting. The durability of our nets is carefully tested in our own lab. Several tests are conducted in order to ensure you, as a customer, that all nets and meshes offer good quality. This is not only done for delivered nets and meshes, also customised products are subjected to a quality test.

Sustainable innovation

The Netherlands is a country that places great emphasis on agriculture and horticulture. It is therefore important to properly protect your crops against external influences. However, that becomes more and more difficult. New plagues require new solutions. For that reason Howitec Netting regularly introduces new nets and meshes that meet the quality standard and that are durable. Multifunctional canvasses find their way into the assortment and also lightweights nets are emerging. This way your crops are no longer pressured, the net can be easily stored and you can quickly take it with you. But also in the area of sports and transport Howitec Netting brings innovation. New techniques make the nets even more sustainable and easier to use.

A net for every purpose, a sustainable solution and the highest quality: that is what Howitec Netting stands for.