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Quality control

Just like with everything in life, good quality also is on top of the list at Howitec Netting. The best quality for an attractive price that has the most wide-ranging applications. Howitec Netting stands for quality and therefore delivers nets and meshes with a long lifespan, firm materials and optimum quality. This way you are ensured that you take a good purchase home with a net by Howitec Netting.

Careful checking

In order to provide you with top-quality nets and meshes time and time again, all our incoming stock is carefully checked in our so-called ‘’Howi-Lab’’. That is where it all happens. The nets and meshes are tested piece by piece on various points, so you are ensured of the best quality. We attach a great deal of value to the durability of our products and therefore believe that all nets and meshes should have a long lifespan. The nets and meshes are used in different weather circumstances and must be able to withstand whatever necessary.


All products are tested for tensile strength, weight, mesh size, thread quality and thickness, colour and light transmission. The finish and the packaging are also included when testing the nets and meshes. A thorough investigation is conducted, whereby all nets and meshes are inspected. The products that pass the test are ready to be sold and can be found in our assortment.

Checking customised products

Not only our standard assortment of nets and meshes is tested in our Howitec-Lab. The customised nets and meshes are also first inspected completely prior to their delivery. This means you are always and everywhere ensured of a high-quality net and are able to enjoy the nets and meshes by Howitec Netting!