Looking for optimal protection of your vegetables, fruit and flowers? Howitec Netting delivers an extensive range of meshes and nets for horticulture that offer optimal protection against external circumstances such as rain, insects and weed. Protecting your valuable crops against intruders can be done with a customised net!

Protect your crops

During the ripening of your fruit, the growing of your vegetables and the cultivation of your flowers, the growth process often is affected by external circumstances. Just think about the changing weather conditions, such as sun, rain, wind, hail and frost. Strong winds may cause your flowers to snap and provide a lot of dust and dirt. Insects, birds and other animals also enjoy wandering around your crops. The power of weed is definitely also something to consider. An impenetrable net makes it difficult to reach your precious crops.

Always the right size

We gladly think along with you in order to find the best and most durable net solutions for your agro-applications. The assortment consists of a wide range of nets and meshes that we can deliver directly from stock. Our nets and meshes can also be specially customised in our own textile atelier. As a result, you always have the right size to properly protect your crops. Every net is provided with its own application possibilities and offers excellent quality.

Contact us

Howitec Netting delivers all nets and meshes only through suppliers within the agriculture and horticulture industry. Obviously we can also bring you, as the end user, in contact with one of our dealers. You can always contact us for more information in case you have questions about a certain type of net or when you want further product specifications.