Our assortment is divided in the following categories:

# anti-bird nets
# plant protection
# plant supports
# screening
# plant covers
# weedcontrol
# gather up
# sundries
# garden essentials
# twines, ties & clips

A rich assortment

The ‘core business’ of our company is nets. Our nets can be used for the effective protection of fruit trees, vegetables and ponds against birds, wild animals and/or leaves. We supply a wide rang e of garden nets in various meshes, colours and dimensions. All nets are made from pure UV-stabilised polyethylene in tape (flat yarn) or in mono-filament (round yarn) versions. We supply the various qualities in a net packaging, foil packaging or in the packaging of your choice.

Private label

Our products are supplied in functional and neutral consumer packaging. We carry out the packaging process quickly, flexibly and entirely in-house, allowing us to provide you with your own ‘private label’ range if required. Would you like alternative products or packaging options? No problem, once again we can help. What’s more, we have plenty of storage capacity, so you won’t need to keep large stocks yourself. And of course we supply you at pre-arranged times, just-in-time.

Our USP’s

– Quality and service you can expect from professionals
– Our stock is your stock
– Create your own assortment in a ‘private label’ range