Howitec Netting also practices top-class sports! Football, hockey and volleyball are only a selection of the sports with which Howitec distinguishes itself. Recreational, but also professional athletes know like no other that practicing sports without a firm net is like playing football without a ball. A firm and durable net is indispensable to make the game run smoothly, for any sports whatsoever. Howitec Netting delivers different types of nets for both indoor and outdoor sports.

A net for every sports application

Every sports for which a net is an important part of the game, can rely on the nets by Howitec Netting. We have a very wide range of standard sports nets. From goal nets to protective nets and from windbreak canvasses to ball catchers. You will always find a net suitable for your application. These standard nets differ in colour, size and finish and are executed in the highest quality.

We also have nets that are provided with a professional certification and can therefore also be used for official games.

Make a customised sports net

In case your type of sports net is not listed, we are also able to tailor all sports nets for you. In our own textile atelier your preferences are transformed into a sports net in the desired size. For every goal is different and must be properly protected in order to stop scored balls. Choose for a striking colour, finish the edges with a beautiful band or ensure additional sponsoring using logos that can be printed onto your nets. Howitec Netting only delivers sports nets to designers of sports fields and halls, to suppliers and to sports clubs at home and abroad.